Chris! (chris_sirhc) wrote in rantxfactor,

Part of me really wants to go hang out with my friends today
But then there's her.
That stupid, ugly, fat, bitch.
When the three of us talked on the phone yesterday
her, him, and I
I hate both of them
But I hate her more than him
And I hate him a lot
he's back-stabbing, close-minded, a complete and total asswipe, and could probably deserve to die
But her
She's such a bitch
and I find myself wanting to just snap my fingers
and her fall down dead
more than I should
When we talked yesterday
I didn't want to waste my money
and I didn't want to take money from my parents
she calls me rich, but she doesn't a thing about me
He, however, actually offered to share food
and said that everyone wouldn't mind sharing
and that's probably true
except that fat bitch
all she does is eat
and when she's not begging for food
she's begging for money
or stealing money
and when you stop her at both, she call's you a jackass
I'm sorry I don't want to give you my money or my food?!
But I want to go out with my friends today
and I just might
but don't be suprised if I lash out and tell everything to that ugly, stupid, fat, bitch.
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