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This is a stickup -- don't make it a murder

Two separate rants, just for you.

Ever since I got in trouble for, ahem, questionable activities on my computer, my dad put this stupid programme on my computer. Stupid doesn't even beging to cover it.

It's called ICRA plus, and it serves one purpose: TO MAKE MY COMPUTER GO SLOWER THAN A DEAD HOBO.

We have high-speed internet, and when we first got it, it was a miracle. I was so happy to finally have internet that didn't take two minutes to load one page. Well, it's relapsed...and it's WORSE. Sometimes even AIM freezes the entire screen.

Today, when I opened the server, the ICRA thing didn't ask me to sign in. This is what it does. It asks me every hour to log in FOR NO FUCKING REASON. And when the hour is up, the page it's on loads up like crap--HTML and everything. I have to go somewhere else just to get to the log in page, log in, and then wait two minutes for it to remember what it was doing. And today, it didn't ask me to log in, and it was faster than it'd ever been in MONTHS. It was so bad I couldn't even check my email without it taking half an hour. But today it was great, until this fucking log in screen showed up and then the speed went to hell.

Dad--what is the goddamn point of this stupid programme? I'm not dumb enough to try and do what I did before, so chill out! It's not like it adds security--MORE viruses have been coming in since you installed it! WHAT IS THE POINT OF LOGGING IN TO NOTHING?!

Nine years ago, my cat Bow died. I was so sad. I wanted another cat desperately. But no, they bought a dog. A big, lazy, stupid dog. And then years later, they bought ANOTHER dog. Through all these years, I mentioned REPEATEDLY that I wanted nothing more than a cat all my own. But no.

Then they said "You can have a cat as soon as we only have one dog." I was ECSTATIC. That wasn't long to wait, I thought.

Nine years later, I still want a cat more than anything. Nine years later, I do not have a cat, even though we only have one dog.

They said I could get a cat WHEN WE HAD ONE DOG. WELL WHEN MILLIE FUCKING DIED, WHAT DID YOU TELL ME BUT "No, you're going to college in a few years and you can't have one."

You promised me.

I held hope FOR NINE YEARS for something I wanted so badly. I cry when I pet cats because I want one so much. I cry when I put in so much effort to get my old dumb dog down the stairs and out for a walk. I cry when he makes a mess all over the house, kicks doors loudly in his sleep, drools all over my bare legs, and goes in and out and in and out and in and out. This isn't what I wanted. I'm so miserable now and I hate that dog so much. Not only because he's so stupid, but because he's been standing in the way of what I really, truly wanted.

Thanks a fucking lot.
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