Chris! (chris_sirhc) wrote in rantxfactor,


I have a little webcomic
It's just one I draw during my free time
and then I upload it onto the community
mainly it's only my friends who read it
but I just got my first hate comment
Though, my comics aren't nice
they're mean
and a little racist (not like KKK racist, like Drawn Together)
and they're mainly crude humor
but what's dumb is that my first hate comment was
"I would really like it if you would stop trying to make art.

How fucking lame is that?
Since when have I ever called my comics art?
And since when do you decide what fucking art is
if people can call a picture of a suitcase fucking art
then I can damn well call my comics art
stupid ass goat fucking cunt faced micheal jackson bitch ass.
god damnit
what a dumb shit
what's worse is that it's either some random ass who thinks they're cool by commenting anon.
or it's one of these ugly ass super religious girls who liked me and I told them to their face that I don't like them
ugly bitches.
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